The Spirit of ‘38: A Comic Culture Podcast


From Page to Screen - Superman Red Son

Wild theory here, what if Superman was a commie? you following me here? he could have like the sickle and hammer on his chest, be best buds with Stalin, eventually oust him and spread the Soviet Union around the globe. I think it would be pretty sweet. Our recent favorite Scotsman had the same idea and wrote this elseworld story about the man of tomorrow trading in truth justice and the American way for something a little more Siberian. Recently it was even turned into a full length animated DC movie!  how did this favorite Superman legend translate from the page to the screen? go ahead and hit play to find out what the boys in the fortress of solitude thought!


Creator Profile: Mark Millar

Join Taylor and Rick this week as we discuss one of the most prolific writers of our day with more movie adaptations under his belt than Thanos has infinity stones! Today we're talking about Mark Millar the mastermind behind such small movies as Logan, Civil War, Kingsman, Superman: Red Son, and many many more. From his days as a wee little lad in Scotland to his current days as a slightly bigger lad with his own publishing company in Scotland, join us as we pull back the curtain on the man and some of his stories in this weeks episode!


Spirit of 38′ From Page to Screen: When 90’s Powerhouses Combine (Batman Vs TMNT)

Cowabunga!!! What do you get when you take the two largest icons of the 90's and put them into a book together? Something magical. Join Taylor and Cary this week as they discuss the magic that is Batman Vs the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. How does the paper hold up to the movie? hit play and find out if this is as enjoyable as cheese pizza, or as bad an idea as the Shredder trying to take up balloon animals!


Brought To Life - The Boys In Blue

This week, we are trying out a new episode format called brought to life where we rank all of the actors in recent history to have portrayed our heroes on the big screen. It only felt right to start with our patron sain, the boy in blue. While Rick and Taylor agree on every front, every man Cary just loves to stir the pot and get Rick all riled up.  Who do you agree with? what is your ranking for actors to have played Superman?


Review: Birds of Prey and the Pleasantly Enjoyable Emancipation Of One, Harley Quinn

Girl squad power! Taylor decided to have a solo adventure and go see Birds of Prey: And the extremely long title about Harley Quinn, against his better judgement and he was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. Following the events of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is flying solo but not for long as she gets her very own girl squad. Will this movie hit like a baseball bat or be a laughing stock like a hyena, hit play and see what Taylor thought.


One Shot - A Crisis of Our Own

Oh no there's been a Crisis! it happened back in 1985 and it seems to have happened again but this time in the Arrowverse! Rick and Taylor this week will go over the foundations of the Arrowverse Crisis event in the original comic book written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez and how it compares to the recent adaptation on the small screen. Did you watch the Crisis event? what did you think? was this a success or a miss? hit play and find out what we thought!


Human Profile: Ty Thomas

Alliteration in your name usually means you're a superhero and with Ty you never know. Ty, an accountant from Washington, has always had a love for the animated side of comics since the glory days of cartoons. In this episode we discuss growing up with shows like Batman the Animated Series or X-Men and how that developed over time. Ty has moved from animation and started looking more at the comics that shaped those shows and movies he grew up with. Mix in a love of the Dragonball Z anime and you'll get a good idea of the inner workings of Ty. Go ahead, hit play, and listen on in!


One Shot: Not So Long Ago In A Galaxy Not So Far Away

We are back and ringing in the New Year by diving into the realm of Marvel! Sort of... Since moving to the Marvel moniker, the Star Wars comics have had some great runs and some not so great ones. Taylor and Rick give you a brief introduction into the world of Star Wars comics by discussing some runs and recommending one or two. In addition to this, we just couldn't pass up the chance to discuss the Baby Yoda show (the Mandolorian) and the Rise of Skywalker! have you dove into the Star Wars comics? What are your favorite runs? What are your thoughts on how the mouse has handled Star Wars? hit play and listen in!


One Shot - Klaus in the Comic Shop

In this issue Taylor is all alone just doing his best to spread some Christmas cheer by speaking loud for you to hear. He just gives a very quick review around his thoughts regarding the ongoing indie comic "Klaus" by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora. What does he think of this fantastical retelling of the story of Santa? hit play and find out.


The Spirit of ‘38: The Human Profile- Maverick!

Quick someone tell Spencer, Taylor has gone Maverick! oh, wait that is the name of our Human profile this week! Like most kids growing up in the '90s and 2000s, our guest this week Maverick, was influenced by Bruce Timm and the animated DC universe he created. Join Taylor and Maverick as they discuss how those Saturday cartoons created a love of Batman, Green Arrow, and the Teen Titans eventually introducing Maverick to his first comic books. We also talk about Mavericks' wish list for the future of comics and adaptations.