The Spirit of ‘38: A Comic Culture Podcast


Enter the Dream

This week, join the boys in the Batcave for a journey across space and time as we enter the world of the Dream. With the release of Neil Gaimans, "Sandman" on Audible, we couldn't help but dive in. While some of us definitely got more into it than others, you'll have to hit play to find out if this was a dream come true, or a never ending nightmare.


Review: The Joker War

*Spoiler Warning* At the conclusion of one of the years most anticipated events, Taylor, Rick, and Cary share their thoughts on the Joker War and the future of our favorite Dark Knight. Be warned, the whole episode is full spoilers for nearly the entirety of the most recent run on Batman. Have you been keeping up on Batman? what did you think of this event?


Human Profile: Cody Collins

This week, Taylor would like to welcome an old friend onto the podcast to talk his history with comics. From Archie, to Warcraft, and everything between, Cody is a walking encyclopedia of the comic fandom. A child of the 90's Cody had a few unique experiences connecting him to comics and the world they provide. Hit play, and listen to another look into the humans behind the books.


Enter the FanDome

Two days, 48 hours, three movie trailers, too many panels and events to count, and two podcasts hosts losing their collective minds!  Now that both days of the DC FanDome have ended, Rick and Taylor would like to invite you to enter the FanDome and talk everything from their favorite Panels, and moments from the two days of the event, to their hopes for the future of DC! id you watch FanDome? what were your favorite announcements and panels?


One Shot: New Movies and New Mutants

What's that? the movies are open again and one of the first new movies released is a comic adaptation? Lets go to the movies and see just what this movie is all about, after all, they've been holding on releasing this movie for nearly three years now so it's got to be good! We're releasing this episode a little early to hopefully help in any decisions you have to make this week on what to spend your money on entertainment wise. The question is, will this be one of the good X-men movies or one of the not so good ones? hit play and find out!


Creator spotlight: Todd McFarlane and the Image of success

With all of the talk about independent comics on the podcast recently, the boys have decided to talk the big papa himself Todd McFarlane and the empire he built. From humble beginnings in the 90's to the largest independent publisher today, Image comics has gone "up up and away". Do you have a favorite image comic series?  


Doug Knight: Creator of Chiasm

This week, Taylor hops on a call with a friend from the great white north and home of Wolverine, introducing Doug of Crosseye Comics! ( Tattoo artist, Spawn fan, father, and comic book creator, Doug is an example of not only following what you love, but doing it no matter what challenges are in the way. Not only does Doug do all of these things, but he does them as a legally blind individual. He has used his blindness as an inspiration for his own comics as he creates the world of Chiasm. So sit down, tune in, set down that Daredevil comic, and see what a really superpowered blind individual can do!


“Con” Men

This year, comic conventions take something of a different turn as San Diego turns to online streaming. With the streaming, Rick and Taylor can check something off the bucket list... or kinda... While Rick and Taylor talk about the evolution of comic conventions and their plans to tune into the various cons of the year. Do you have plans to tune in? have you ever attended a convention before? what announcements do you hope to hear? tune in and hear our wildest hopes and dreams!


One Shot: the Snyder cut and the Future of the DCEU

We told you! From day one, the boys have been supporters of the DCU (all it takes is a look at our logo to tell). Today however, we finally bamboozled Spencer into returning to the fortress to discuss the long awaited announcement of the Snyder cut. What are our thoughts on the matter? what will it look like? what does this mean for the future of the DCEU? press play and find out!


Creator Profile: Quite the “Noble” cause

One of our previous guests, Kip decided to make the jump from consumer to creator and we wanted in on the process! so here to talk with Rick and Taylor about his comic universe, and the creative process behind this. Go check out their comics at Endzone Comics in Clearfield Utah or on Comixology to go check out this new universe. Do you have any characters you've created?

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